Gabriella Newcomb


Violin and Piano

Gabriella is a graduate of Belhaven University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Musical Education. She is also a licensed educator in Mississippi.

Lessons: $130 for 4 30 minute lessons. $150 for 4 45 minute lessons. $200 for 4 hour long lessons.

Live Performances

Gabriella hosts two recitals each year for her students.

There is a $15 recital fee per recital.

Back To School Lesson Programs

We look forward to bringing music into the homes of students all through the Rankin, Madison, and Hinds County Area!


We at Lakeland Music are proud to Welcome Mrs. Ella Newcomb to our Teaching Staff!! We look forward to helping many students fulfill their passion for music!


Phone: 1-281-638-6643  Email: